The Short Film

'Homework' is a 3D-animated short film, based on Nacho Arjona's original idea. It is a funny and emotive story about a pencil, an eraser and other popular school supplies that live in a regular school. Together, they will explore the school building and they will live amazing adventures. While they all want to have fun, they’re all very different, so they’ll need to learn how to work together.


The Story

The story begins as a normal day for our main character, a regular pencil, who must leave his comfort zone after some unexpected events. The pencil loves drawing, and once he creates piece of art, the eraser comes on the scene and ruin all pencil's work.
This becomes to a exciting adventure, where other characters appear to help the pencil and also join his journey.



The Characters
Pencil and Eraser are the stars of the film, and they have a great gang of friends: Crayons Box, Sticky (the glue bar), Ruler, Highlighter, Father and Baby Glue Bottle, Notepad, Spencer (the tape dispenser), etc.


Homework is a beautiful story with a powerful visual appealing. Everything happens in a school building and the main location is the classroom, where the characters live. Most of the time, they are set on top of the tables, but they also explore the corridor of the school and the floor of the classroom.


The creation of Homework was possible thanks to many followers that have supported the project through Kickstarter. Initially, it will be planned as a 6 minutes length short film, but finally it will become a high-quality 3D animated short film of 19 minutes length. The short film is currently at the final production phase.