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Homework takes place in a regular school, when kids are at their homes, the objects that used to populate our pencil cases are free to be themselves. While they all want to have fun, they’re all very different, so they’ll need to learn how to work together.


The Project

Homework is an animated 3D short film, based on the original idea of Nacho Arjona. It is a creative story where some cute characters will discover that friendship and empathy are necessary to live funnier and better.



The story begins as a normal day for our main character, a regular pencil, who after some unexpected events, will need to get out of his comfort zone and go into an adventure far from his desk that will change the rest of his life. Here you can see a presentation of the characters and a little animatic of some scenes of the story:



Pencil and Eraser will be the stars of the film, but there are a lot of more characters that will join this adventure: the Crayons Box, Sticky (the glue bar), Ruler, Highlighter, Big Glue Bottle, Notepad, Spencer (the tape dispenser), etc.



Homework is a beautiful story that happens in a school. The main location will be the classroom, where the characters live, but also they will move around the corridor of the school, the floor of the classroom (the scariest place!), the lab, etc. An also we could see a view of the school building from outside.

You could appreciate thousands of details such as school bags, books, pencil cases, and other accessories that we would like to have in secret until the short film is finished.



The creation of Homework was possible thanks to many followers that have supported Nacho to become this dream true: a year ago, Homework Kickstarter Campaign was successfully funded and Nacho was able to start working on the animated short film. At the beginning, the creator was the only person in charge that worked in all aspects of the project: the storyline, sketches, 3D modeling, etc. but due to the repercussion of the project, he was able to create a Studio, surrounded by a creative talent Team.

Nowadays, the animated story is being developed in Blender, attending to the highest level of detail.