Hi all!
My name is Nacho Arjona, and I’m a filmmaker, animator, and illustrator.
Even if you don’t know my name, there’s a chance that you have seen many of my illustrations. I’ve been working in Naolito as my main project since 2009, creating all sorts of creative projects and being blessed with the support of over 600k followers.

During this time, I’ve created hundreds of illustrations (collected in my book ‘The cute side of life’), Video games, exposed my work in galleries, created successful Kickstarter campaigns and I’ve worked with some of the most important brands all over the world. Still, my biggest passion is animation, so nowadays I build animated worlds and stories for the characters I created and love.

I’ve surrounded myself with a great team of professionals from the industry in order to be able to translate what made my illustrations connect with my audience to animation and film. Working with a team allows me to create bigger stories and experiences to make my creative vision possible.

For business inquiries, licensing, or any questions, please contact me here.